Is 4XC regulated?


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4XC is the trading name of 4xCube Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission in the Cook Islands, with a Money Changing & Remittance License (no 12767/2018). 

Cook Islands is a territory in free association with New Zealand, but with an independent body responsible for the supervision of regulated financial entities and financial services. FSC adopts the strictest of standards, including capital adequacy requirements. Financial services are the second biggest contributor to the Cook Islands’ economy after tourism, adding about 8% to the GDP. The FSC has an important role to play in the financial services sector. 

The company submits financial reports to FSC on a regular basis including reconciliations of client funds.

We are fully compliant with regular internal and external company audits. External Audit is performed by McMillan Woods, one of the world’s largest and reputable Audit firms.

You can also check legal documentation on our website.

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